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 Koku Kanji - Earthen Beasts

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PostSubject: Koku Kanji - Earthen Beasts   Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:13 pm

This school is here to prepare you for the real world. It is here to shield you from the monsters of the world around you, and to train you on how to avoid dangers, and when needed, fight them off. Something about being unique attracts nature to you...But it also attracts natures abominations. You will find that these 'abominations' are always around the school, especially in the forest. Some won't survive, but others will rise to the top. You don't have to try in your time here. You could lounge around and do nothing, but in the real world you would regret it. Everything good or bad is attracted to you. You could be on the street, and someone hand you fifty dollars they just found on the ground...or you could be taken into an alley and be tortured for wearing a red shirt. It will most likely be the latter.

The most dangerous of these creatures are the Koku Kanji. There are seven of these beasts; a spider, a hummingbird, a monkey, a lizard, a giant, a killer whale, and a condor. These creatures all represent an emotion. The spider, rage. The Hummingbird retribution. The monkey represents pity. The lizard represents anticipation. The giant to envy, and the whale to trust. Lastly, the condor represents joy. These creatures are all sealed somewhere throughout the land. Some can be tamed by summoners, some are too wild and only attack. To fight these creatures, you must in some way enter 'The Fade', which only certain people can enter. Mages and spirits can, and there are the few that have the ability to, or have learned it. Some may meet these creatures in there travels, but they will never go away. You may fight them and injure them, but not easily and not permanently. They always come back, and can never be completely defeated. Some still worship these creatures, in belief they will destroy man without worship or sacrifice. The Koku Kanji are deadly creatures, not to be taken lightly...
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Koku Kanji - Earthen Beasts
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