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 Fighting Handbook

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PostSubject: Fighting Handbook   Sat Oct 20, 2012 3:52 am

BlackBurn Fighting Handbook

At BlackBurn, fighting might work a little different than wherever you have roleplayed before. In a fight at BlackBurn, you will copy and paste moves you have made. There will be a skill template which you will copy and paste, creating a topic with your name. You will then fill it out, and we will come by to check. That means not only elemental moves must be copied, but also simple dodges and jabs. Each of these things will take some of your mana and your opponents health. We will fill that part in. To get more mana and health, you can attend classes. There will be an area for that, and a teacher who will help with the site, and in an actual fight sequence.

For example...

I could not say I dodge an attack. I would have to post a move from my page saying how I dodge it. You can do that, then post another to counter, but nothing to combo it unless they don't stop it on their next post. If not, you would be stopping them from being able to use their moves. Here's how it should work.

Enemy- dodge move. (you would copy and paste the whole thing) Counter-jab

You- Parry, horizontal slash

It should not go like this....

Enemy- Dodge move, counter-jab, backlash, healmsplitter.

You would get no chance to do anything. Take it one or two moves at a time. If you run out of health you lost the fight. If you run out of mana, you've essentially lost. You can give up if you want at any point, you won't lose anything unless it is for something specific in your area of the rp.

We ask that you keep track of how much mana and hp you would lose yourself, so that we don't have to go and clear it every few seconds. For each separate fight, unless under special conditions, your mana and health will reset. To gain mana or hp, join classes. See the classes area for more information.

Your's Truly...
- The Admins.
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Fighting Handbook
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