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PostSubject: INITIATION   Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:15 am

This is how you will be placed. At The Koroshiamu, find the topic initiation. This is where you will show how you find out what your power is. If your character already knows this, then demonstrate it. Make sure to create a sparring scenario. Don't just post, saying you turned into a wolf. If you didn't know you could use your power, make sure your character is pushed to their limit. This will tell you what class you are placed in.

To do so, just post a new topic in initiation with your name on it. Make the sparring scenario, and a prefect will post what class you are. Each month, you have one retake. This also means that you can move down a class. To test to become a moderator, you must spar with a moderator or prefect.

I will be placing you in class by display of skill in roleplaying. If you have many obvious spelling errors, I will deduct a small amount of points. Display of power and how they discover it is a large portion, as well as balancing out the sparring so that it is not complete overkill. If you can display your power and any talents you have, along with being grammatically correct, then you will most likely get class 5. Don't feel bad if you get 1st Class. It doesn't mean anything except the dorm you are in. If you have a character that you want to be a low class character and stay an underdog, then post that at the bottom. If you do so, make sure that the post proves how they are an underdog and that they don't do anything too strong.
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