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 BlackBurn Rules

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PostSubject: BlackBurn Rules   Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:30 pm

General Rules
  • Cursing is allowed, but don't go blow up on somebody. If that is the case, it will be treated as bullying. If you have an issue with some one, P.M one of the moderator or administrators, and we will take care of it.

    No sexual content is allowed. If it gets that intense, go to P.Ms. If you post anything involving pornography on this site, you will be banned right away. Many people on BlackBurn would prefer not to see pornography everywhere, the administrators being one of those people. So we are going to keep it that way.

    Bullying should NEVER be an issue. If someone tells us that you were mistreating another member, we will ban you and the other person until we know what happened. If you were bullying, then we will send you an email saying what happened. If you weren't, we will unban you, and send you a P.M apologizing for the problem. Whoever gave this false report will be banned. We would ask that you send us the link when you accuse people of these things, so that we don't have to search the whole site for this. If it was in P.Ms, we shall check there. Don't give false alarms. That just wastes our time.

    Don't spam someone. It's just annoying. If someone is spamming you, tell us who and we will have a talk with them. There's no point in spamming someone's email besides being annoying.

    In most cases, you have two warnings before you are banned. The first time, we will give you an official warning. The second time, we will suspend you for one week. The third time, it's an obvious issue, then we will ban you. If you have an argument for yourself in any of these cases, then let us know respectfully. If you just start shouting about how you didn't do something, we won't listen.

Here at Blackburn, hackers will not be tolerated!
If you believe your account has been hacked contact an ADMINISTRATOR as soon as possible! (Be ready with legitimate proof)
If you know of a member that is hacking, please tell an ADMINISTRATOR, and the problem will be dealt with.

In most cases, just use common sense. It shouldn't be extremely difficult to follow our guide lines. We are doing this to make this site better, not to make it harder to do what you like. We are always open to suggestions, so just pm if you have any ideas.

-The Admins.

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BlackBurn Rules
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